If escaping the rat race was easy, everyone would do it. But you’re not “everyone.” You’re motivated to see your money work for you, unfetter yourself from the 40-hour work week status quo, and achieve a greater level of freedom in your life. MoneyWorksMagazine (MWM) is a publication dedicated to all the ways you can make money work for us.


Investing is a relatively painless way to create plentiful wealth over time. Investment opportunities are as diverse as they are abundant. Stocks, bonds, commodities, derivatives, mutual funds, real estate, and private placements are some of the options any new or seasoned investor may explore. Beyond investment opportunities, the varied investment sectors offer opportunities for diversification and big gains. Examples include the booming cannabis investment sector turning heads and beefing up portfolios across North America, and the strong and steady health care sector that is showing no signs of slipping in 2019.


Whether your motivation is retirement, education, recreation, or leaving a legacy for your family, a drive to invest will serve you well with the right guidance and information. Getting educated on investment ins and outs is critical for your long-term investment success. And that’s where MoneyWorksMagazine comes in.


MoneyWorksMagazine is a hub for all things beyond the rat race. Showcasing industry updates, robust company profiles, unique private placement opportunity overviews, investment strategy tips, and more, MWM is a launchpad for the education and growth of beginning investors, day traders, and seasoned investors alike.