Invest in Brain Scientific

There are millions of patients in US emergency departments and ICUs that could benefit from routine EEG tests. In March 2020, a report published by The Insight Partners estimated that the global neurological disease treatment market is expected to reach USD $13,830.96M by 2027. Brain Scientific is cornering a large share of that market with its innovative technology and FDA-approved products.

Brain Scientific is a commercial-stage healthcare company providing cutting edge solutions to the neurology market. The Company aggressively increased its revenue from 2018-2019, has 3 patents in the US, China and Europe, and is developing algorithms to detect epilepsy, memory dementia, pre-Alzheimer to serve the ageing Baby Boomer population.

Download our investor deck for a financial overview as well as information about the company, its cutting-edge products, and our plans for the future.

Learn more, download our Investor Presentation.

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