The metals and mining sector is the industry dedicated to locating and extracting metal and mineral reserves around the globe. Metals and minerals in global reserves are mined for profit and then used in jewelry-making, industrial applications, and investments. The sector has a large number of companies located around the world, operating with large revenues. Typical activities in the sector include production, trading, and investing in various metals. The majority of company revenues are a direct result of these activities. Global economic conditions strongly correlate to the growth and reduction cycles of the mining sector. In this way, the sector relies on other industries--such as technology and retail--to continue to find new uses for metals and minerals and support an unbroken need for mining. Mining companies also have to navigate changing environmental regulations, which are likely to become more strict in the future. Higher taxes could cause some to reduce or stop production. Many experts believe that the mining sector is behaving cautiously in response to the uncertain regulatory environment ahead. Some companies and regions will adapt to these circumstances better than others, and research should be conducted before making investment decisions. The great variety of ways investors may purchase and hold mineral investments has supported their investment popularity. In addition to stock availability for many different mining companies, mining investments are available to many members of the public via mutual funds and precious metals shares.

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