Investment Opportunities

No matter what kind of investor you are, the golden rule for investing that can benefit anyone is diversifying your portfolio.

It takes a lot of careful consideration and research before deciding what companies to invest your money in. So, we put together a list of some interesting companies that are on our radar right now.

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Life Sciences

Vertically integrated on an international scale, ICC is creating a world-class platform for cultivation, extraction, formulation, and distribution across the globe. Currently, ICC has 19 cultivation licenses spanning four continents, over 2,700 strains, and 80,000 retail outlets, pharmacies, and stores.


Life Sciences

Bevcanna specializes in the creation and manufacturing of world-class cannabis-infused beverage brands. Along with onsite infusion and bottling, they are located on 100-acre outdoor cultivation in the Okanagan Valley – well known for its fertile soils and optimal growing conditions.


Life Sciences

Zenabis is a licensed cannabis producer with three existing licensed production facilities with a global expansion vision. The company currently has significant existing production capacity and domestic distribution, and a management team committed to completing facility conversion and developing an international business.

Harborside, Inc.

Life Sciences

The Harborside Group is a California-focused cannabis company with retail, production, and cultivation operations built around recognized brands. We currently operate six retail dispensaries and three production facilities under a vertically-integrated model focused on the Northern California market with additional dispensaries under construction and opening in 2019.

Nutritional High

Life Sciences

Founded in 2014, Nutritional High is one of the earliest public cannabis companies that has now established a major foothold in California and other legal U.S. cannabis markets. Given its track record of acquisitions and long-term vision, the company remains an undervalued option for cannabis investors.

FSD Pharma Inc.

Life Sciences

FSD Pharma currently owns one of the largest potential processing facilities for cannabis in Ontario. The company aims to produce pharmaceutical-grade cannabis with a specific focus on R&D surrounding cannabinoids.

Fire & Flower

Life Sciences

Fire & Flower has its eye set on the newly legalized Canadian market. With current success in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, the company has plans to rapidly expand nationally as a recognizable dispensary retail brand.

Chinook Tyee Industry Ltd.

Life Sciences

AMP has a unique focus on the massively underserved German medical market. Armed with an understanding of the intensive regulations and standards, AMP is ready to become the expert supply company for the German market with potential expansion plans in mind for the rest of the European Union.

Harvest Health and Recreation Inc.

Life Sciences

Harvest has consistently reported profitable quarters and a larger market footprint every year since its inception in 2011. The company now has one of the largest U.S. footprints with 625+ employees and licenses for more than 140 facilities across the U.S.