The Future of Blockchain Transaction Processing

Meet the company that processed a record-breaking block with 1.3 million transactions on the BitcoinSV blockchain.


The BSV blockchain is changing the game of how data is processed. It’s now possible to download millions of data transactions in seconds, cost-effectively and securely. Ledgers, block caps, non-transparent and expensive transactions are soon to be a thing of the past, and one company is at the forefront of getting all of this data on the BSV blockchain: TAAL.

TAAL owns, operates and manages its own blockchain infrastructure, which allows enterprises to write, store and explore data on the BSV blockchain. This infrastructure is the future for how all data will be stored, all interactions will be documented and how cryptocurrencies will be traded. TAAL’s partnership with nChain and data processing technology solves all processing problems of the past, sending the company far ahead of its competitors. Investing in this growth opportunity is investing in the next technology that will change our lives.

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